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In 1987, Checkers began with a simple vision. It was to be a dynamic and growing organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting assets by delivering innovative safety products. That vision still drives Checkers today. With our product offerings of Cable and Hose Protection Systems, Wheel Chocks, Warning Whips, Warning Lights and more, Checkers creates reliable safety solutions for our customers.

Guard Dog Medium-Duty Cable Protectors

Checkers’™ most versatile cable protectors, the Guard Dog® is a jack of all trades with its solid construction.

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Yellow Jacket Heavy-Duty Cable Protectors

Yellow Jacket® has become one of the most robust and relied on cable protector on the market.

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Linebacker Heavy-Duty Cable Protectors

Linebacker® cable protectors hold up against high load-bearing vehicles for heavy-duty applications.

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Ground Protection Matting

Checkers™ has the largest and most respected range of lightweight temporary access.

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Heavy-Duty Wheel Chocks

Checkers’™ heavy-duty MC series wheel chocks are manufactured with highly durable, lightweight polyurethane construction.

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Urethane General-Purpose Wheel Chocks

Checkers’™ general-purpose, UC series wheel chocks are manufactured with highly durable, lightweight polyurethane. These chocks are ideal for use with over-the-road trucks, trailers, pickups and utility vehicles. For tire diameters 27 in. to 65 in. (68.6 cm to 116.8 cm).

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All-Terrain Wheel Chocks

Checkers’™ heavy-duty AT series wheel chocks are made with durable, lightweight polyurethane. Featuring replaceable aluminum base plates with posi-grip cleats or anti-slip rubber traction pads, the AT series is ideal for underground mining equipment, firefighting vehicles, and other large utility vehicles.

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Lighted Whips

Lighted whips allow high visibility in the most obstructed or dark environment. Lighted whips utilize rugged LED lights that maximize light output.

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Non-Lighted Whips

Checkers™ non-lighted whips supply a new level of safety and alertness at any working environment. The flags high visibility color allows for the highest possible level of visibility.

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