Linebacker Cable Protection Accessories | Heavy Duty & General Purpose

Linebacker® is the most robust cable protection option Checkers™ offers. Linebacker® cable protectors hold up against high load-bearing vehicles for heavy-duty applications, making Linebacker® ideal for oil, gas, mining, military, construction, or any serious heavy-duty task.

Linebacker® cable protectors come in multiple variants to best suit your working environment or venue. Two- to five-channel cable protectors are available ensuring a safer crossing for vehicles and pedestrian traffic while protecting valuable electrical cables and hose lines from damage.

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  1. 3-Channel Heavy-Duty Linebacker®
    3-Channel Heavy-Duty Linebacker®
    MODEL NO: CP3X225-Y/O
  2. 5-Channel Heavy-Duty Linebacker®
    5-Channel Heavy-Duty Linebacker®
    MODEL NO: CP5X125-Y/O
  3. 4-Channel Heavy-Duty Linebacker®
    4-Channel Heavy-Duty Linebacker®
    MODEL NO: CP4X125-Y/O
  4. 4-Channel General Manufacturing Linebacker®
    4-Channel General Manufacturing Linebacker®
    MODEL NO: CP4X300-Y/O

4 Items

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