Cable Protection Covers and Ramps for
Cords, Wires and Hoses

Checkers Safety™ offers the most extensive line of cable protection systems in the world. Our high-performance cable/hose protectors can provide safe crossing for pedestrians, vehicles, and heavy equipment while keeping valuable cables and cords protected. Cable protectors from Checkers Safety feature patented designs and innovative connector systems and are made in the USA.

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  • Heavy-Duty Cable Protectors

    Checkers™ heavy-duty cable protectors are the strongest on the market. Whether it's guarding cables against a multi-ton haul truck or thousands of pedestrians crossing over wiring each day, these heavy-duty cable protectors will ensure a higher quality of safety and longevity to your cables and hoses.
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  • Medium-Duty Cable Protectors

    Medium-duty cable ramps are our broadest line of high-performance cable/hose protection products. Medium-duty cable protection systems provide a safer method of passage for pedestrians and vehicle traffic, while protecting valuable cables servicing a variety of industries.
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  • Low Profile Cable Protectors

    The Guard Dog® Low-Profile Cable Protectors are the most compact top-loading cable protectors on the market. These protectors provide a safe and easy crossing for vehicle and pedestrian traffic, while still maintaining a high load-bearing capacity.
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  • Light-Duty Cable Protectors

    Light-duty cable protectors offer a quick solution to protect minimal runs of cable and hose lines. These models provide solutions for high load-bearing operations, as well as lighter-duty, general-purpose needs.
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  • ADA Cable Protectors

    Perfect for all sorts of vehicle and heavy foot traffic, our ADA-DDA Cable Protectors create a seamless transition from ground level to the cable protector platform.
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  • Overhead Cable Management Systems

    The Checkers Safety Overhead Cable Management System allows you to easily hang cables in spaces where utilizing standard protectors is not an option.
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  • Hose Bridges

    Hose bridge systems provide protection for valuable cable and hose lines while ensuring a safer passage for vehicles. They protect lines up to 6.5 inches in diameter and are intended for temporary installations.
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  • Extreme Crossover Systems

    Extreme Cable Crossovers provide protection for electrical cables used in mining and heavy construction. Suited for applications where load capacity is needed up to 500,000 lbs/axle. These can endure constant pounding, impact, and abrasion caused by haul trucks and falling rocks and are proven to be oil, chemical, abrasion, cut/tear, and temperature resistant.
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  • Parts & Accessories for Cable & Hose Protection

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