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Gas-Cylinder Handling and Storage Essentials

Never compromise safety by using inferior equipment for transporting and storing industrial, medical, and commercial gases.

Compressed gas cylinders are inherently dangerous, heavy, and awkward to move and store. Improper handling could result in serious injuries and a broken valve could quickly turn the cylinder into a powerful rocket or devastating torpedo. Use quality, heavy-duty Justrite® gas-cylinder products to avoid potential injuries and incidents.

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Gas-Cylinder Handling Storage and Essentials

Safety Showers

Emergency safety showers and eyewashes - reliable, effective personal treatment

For chemical splashes and spills, caustic burns, bloodborne pathogens, and airborne/blown particulates, our quality-designed safety showers and eyewashes meet and exceed U.S. and European regulatory requirements.

Meets or exceeds ANSI Z358.1 OSHA compliant and Meets EN15154.

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Safety Shower

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