Ground Protection and Stabilization Solutions for Heavy Equipment and Vehicles

Checkers ground protection and ground stabilization mats create temporary roadways and working platforms for heavy vehicles while limiting environmental damage. Our ground protection solutions are suitable for temporary construction sites, agricultural land, heritage sites, lawns, sensitive ecosystems, and anywhere you need to deploy safe and stable access for heavy vehicles.

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  • Ground Protection Matting

    Checkers™ has the largest and most respected range of lightweight temporary access and ground protection matting on the market. Designed for construction vehicles and site personnel, our matting is composed of 100% recycled high-density polyethylene and has load-bearing capacities of up to 120 tons.
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  • Outrigger Crane Pads

    Our line of outrigger crane pads is designed with high-quality polyethylene, meaning it will not splinter or crack. These strong and durable products are easy to clean, chemical and oil resistant, easy to store, and long-lasting. Easy to install and suitable for all weather conditions.
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  • Ground Stabilization

    Created for areas of high pedestrian or vehicle use, our ground stabilization products are made from 100% recycled premium high-density polyethylene with an interlocking design for fast and efficient installation.
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  • Parts & Accessories for Ground Protection

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