Turf disaster strikes at AuburnAs summer approaches, so does concert season, and many university stadiums and sporting venues prepare to take advantage of off-season opportunities to collect extra revenue by hosting these events. Auburn University recently hosted a Kenny Chesney concert at Jordan-Hare Stadium and chose to protect the field with a competitor’s product rather than our Terraplas turf protection system. As you can see from the pictures on the right, the results were a literal turf disaster and totally catastrophic for the field. Fortunately, the field was scheduled to be re-sodded anyway, but this is a great example of why quality turf protection matters. Re-sodding turf is an expensive process, that is avoidable with the use of Terraplas. The translucent properties of the High Density Polyethylene ensure that sunlight can still reach the grass, eliminating the yellowing that can be seen in the bottom image of Jordan-Hare. The HDPE construction is extremely strong, and we offer turf protection systems that can support vehicles, such as our TerraTrak Plus. Terraplas is especially vital for non-sporting events hosted during the season. Imagine the scramble to re-sod Jordan-Hare if the Tigers had to play in a week. If you have an upcoming event, don’t forget about your turf!

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