New Checkers CatalogWe are excited to announce that we have a new Checkers catalog for the 2016 year! Last year, Checkers grew exponentially, with AlturnaMATs, SVE, Zigma Ground Solutions, Firefly, GNR Technologies, Superior Manufacturing Group, and Terraplas all joining the Checkers family. As you can no doubt imagine, our catalog had to undergo substantial changes. Today, we’ll be going over some of those changes to help you find the solutions you need. To start out, you’ll see we’ve changed our color coding system. In last year’s catalog, we had a different color for nearly every product page. This year, we’ve streamlined the organization in the new Checkers catalog to make it easier than ever to find exactly what you need. Starting from the front, we have cable protectors indicated with an orange tab in the top corner of the page, wheel chocks are marked with blue, ground protection products are designated with green, purple marks our cribbing and composite lumber section, peach is for warning whips, light red indicates industrial signals, and last but not least, yellow marks our traffic and parking lot safety category. With so many new products, we needed to ensure each category was clearly marked for ease of access. Just like last year’s catalog, you’ll find the very important cable protector reference guide on page five. This handy table can compare the maximum diameter, load capacity, and number of channels for all of our cable protectors at simply a glance. It is a crucial tool for anyone looking to invest in a cable protection system. On the same note, our wheel chock reference guide, another important page, can be found on page 54. This chart works in the same fashion, allowing you to compare tire diameter and gross vehicle operating weight to find the chock that is perfect for your needs.

New products in the cable protection category include the Illuminated Firefly Cable Protector, seen on page 38. The built-in LED lights provide visibility in darkened areas, while the dog bone connectors allow the Firefly to be easily integrated with an existing Guard Dog or Yellow Jacket cable protection system. In the wheel chock category, you’ll find two new solutions on pages 60 and 61. The UC1210 is the most heavy duty of our UC Series Wheel Chocks, designed for payloads up to 70 tons, while the UCTS003 is our new lightweight general purpose chock, weighing just over 2.5 lbs.! The ground protection category is almost entirely new, featuring AlturnaMATs, VersaMATs, Trakmats, Mud-Traks, LibertyMats, and several varieties of TuffTraks from pages 68-79. Simply put, if you need ground protection, we have you covered. In the warning whip category, you’ll find our new Wing Whip, an innovative solution designed specifically to protect aircraft scimitars from damage. This exciting product can be found on page 115. In our traffic and parking lot safety category, you’ll see several new products from GNR Technologies, on pages 138 and 140. From Park-It car stops to Easy Rider speed bumps, the durable rubber construction of our parking lot solutions ensures that they will long outlast their concrete counterparts.

That was a brief overview of the additions to our new Checkers catalog, if you’d like a copy for yourself, the PDF can be found at this link. And as always, our friendly staff is standing by to answer any questions about our products.