Checkers has acquired Terraplas.

Checkers Industrial Products, LLC has acquired Terraplas, the industry’s world leader in high-end turf protection. “The exciting acquisition of this world-leading business, not only continues the growth of our ground protection category, allowing us to enter new markets, it also brings their highly experienced international team to the Checkers family,” said Checkers’ President Ray Torres.
Checkers acquires Terraplas
This addition to the Checkers portfolio opens up entirely new markets to the group. The Terraplas range of products includes drivable, outdoor natural grass, outdoor synthetic field, and indoor synthetic field protection systems. These product lines align with Checkers’ ground protection product category, along with other Checkers acquisitions, AlturnaMATS, Zigma Ground Solutions, and SVE Portable Roadways from earlier this year.

Download a PDF of the press release here.