This year’s LDI Expo 2015 in Las Vegas was powerfully energetic and equally exhilarating. Known for its spread of prominent vendors in the entertainment industry, the expo’s three day schedule was power-packed with live music and some of the best lighting/visual productions in the world. Industry-leading exhibitors were present, displaying some of the newest and most electrifying designs.

As a cable protection leader in the entertainment industry, Checkers Industrial reintroduced the 5 channel Firefly illuminated cable protector, a new product in the Checkers family. The Firefly has been a first of its kind, featuring built in battery powered LED lights, necessary for both indoor and outdoor events. The Firefly cable protector is highly versatile, with the ability to connect to our standard cable protectors via its new Dog Bone connectors. The Firefly is also built to withstand all weather conditions and has the ability to protect cables and hoses up to 1.325″ outside diameter. With an increased need for cables used in event production, our cable protectors are vital in functionality for this industry and many others. Among our other products presented at LDI Expo 2015, our Firefly cable protector was by far the most popular product from Checkers Industrial.

In addition to the main product line of cable protectors, Checkers Industrial also debuted products from its new acquisitions: AlternaMATS and Terraplas. Both of these brands engaged attendees and production managers due to the industry’s growing need for ground protection mats for outdoor events, whether it be small or stadium-sized.

Tradeshow Coordinator, Bryan Benedict comments, “LDI is always an exciting show by nature. Exhibitors take the opportunity to turn their booths into a small concert venue to fullCheckers exhibiting at LDI Expo 2015y exhibit what their products can do. With technology moving at an incredible rate, the exhibitors emphasize all of the new technology in their lighting and production systems and choose to display in a way that will make you stop and watch. This is an industry that will continue to progress and create new things.”

With such significant progress, we are very pleased with the outcome of this show and are planning to exhibit next year’s LDI Expo in 2016.

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