Colfax marathon cable protectionDubbed “The Ultimate Urban Tour,” the Colfax Marathon has become an annual Denver event ever since it’s inception in 2006. This year, Checkers sponsored three relay teams of five, as well as several individual runners participating in the 5k and half marathon events. While Colorado claims to offer 300 days of sunshine a year, this was not the case on Sunday, as runners woke to a gray sky and cool temperatures. Not that many minded however, as these conditions were ideal for the long race. Team 2 took home the trophy this year, clocking a time of 4 hours and 4 minutes. We are all very proud of them, they did a great job. As the runners traversed the route, we couldn’t help but spot cable protectors. Nearly every relay handoff point featured a cable protection run, crucial to keeping runners safe. The team was able to snap a picture of a cable run in front of Mile High Stadium. Cable protectors are one of our staples, and The Guard Dog® ADA Cable Protector is a great solution for pedestrian applications such as races, as the slope is more gradual than a traditional cable protector, which eliminates trip hazards.

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