First Look: Firefly Illuminated Cable Protector

With the newest addition to our cable protector family, the Firefly Illuminated Cable Protector, Checkers continues to bring innovation to the cable protection market. Illumination is the name of the game with the Firefly, as this unique cable protector features battery powered LED lights, available in either red or blue, molded into its all-weather polyurethane side ramps. The colorful lids, available in green, blue, yellow, and orange, are not only pleasing to the eye, but are also designed to be visible in low-light conditions.

We’ve redesigned the Firefly with connectivity as a goal, utilizing our signature Dog-Bone Connectors to ensure that the Firefly is compatible with Yellow Jacket or Guard Dog cable protectors.

Lightweight and easily transportable, the Firefly is manufactured with the entertainment industry in mind. This illuminated cable protector eliminates the tripping hazards of traditional, non-lit cable protectors backstage of a concert venue or on a darkened film set.

To view our Firefly brochure, click here.

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