With winter storms on its way to many areas this season, drivers are in full preparation of what may come this winter. It’s an annual routine: Get new tires, get your brakes checked, and ensuring that everything is working properly. You may have even stocked your car with safety kits and tools – just in case.

But it may not be that simple. Drivers can get stranded in wintry places not necessarily ideal. In many cases, stranded drivers are commercial truck drivers in isolated areas where few vehicles pass. Even in areas with busier traffic, storms with heavy snowfall and blustering high winds can make it difficult for drivers to see each other. Nevertheless, severe winter weather poses high risks to drivers nationwide.

The most efficient way to prepare to actually BE PREPARED! Here are 3 products you need this winter:

3 Products You Need This Winter from Checkers!

LED Flare Kit: Designed specifically for emergencies. Comes as an all-in-one kit with charging station included. LED flare kits provide substantial light in severe weather conditions when vision can be impaired. LED flare automatically starts once removed from charging.

See the product here: https://www.checkersindustrial.com/products/led-flare-kit/led-flare-kit/

Emergency Power Charger Kit: Great resource for all drivers as its capabilities are versatile. Strong enough to start V-8 trucks, cars, ATVs, Motorcycles, and boats. Built-in LED flashlight included.

See the product here: https://www.checkersindustrial.com/products/emergency-power-charger/checkers-compact-power-charger/

Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks: Ideal for commercial, pick-up, and utility vehicles. Manufactured with urethane for maximum durability and lightweight use. These wheel chocks provide substantial support for large vehicles in all environments. Oil, Chemical, and weather resistant, these wheel chocks are perfect for a
safe winter.

See the product here: https://www.checkersindustrial.com/product-category/wheel-chocks/heavy-duty-wheel-chocks/


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