Today, many commercial airlines are adding the split scimitar winglets onto wingtips of their aircraft. This new addition to the wingtip reduces drag as well as fuel consumption.  There are countless benefits to retrofitting aircraft wingtip with a split scimitar winglet but this addition creates a potential obstacle with the ground crews. The new winglet that is down turned toward the tarmac has been hit by baggage carts and other ground vehicles, causing airplane wing damage. Any damage to the wing tip will render the aircraft unserviceable and require hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs.  

New Wing Whip from Checkers Reduces Airplane Wing Damage

Checkers Industrial Safety Products proudly introduces the most effective product to defend against damage to the split scimitar winglets. The “Wing Whip” is designed to be placed under the wing tip and the 2 reflective flags will sit at eye level for the vehicle operators and prevent any collisions with the wing.  

For maximum visibility, Checkers recommends 2 “Wing Whips” under each wing.

See the new wing whip product here.

Download a PDF of the Wing Whip flyer here.