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It’s always exciting to receive opportunities to spread our message of safety, and our friends at 2wayRadionline have given us this Checkers blog recognized as a top health and safety blogopportunity by recognizing this blog on their list of the Top 72 Health and Safety Blogs! 2wayRadionline, based in the UK, is a leading retailer of two-way radios and radio accessories. As our Monster Motion Safety team reminded us last week in this blog post, communication is critical to occupational safety, and two-way radios are an integral part of that communication.

Proud to be a thought leader

For our part, we are proud to have our blog recognized as a leading voice in the safety industry, and we look forward to continuing to serve a wide variety of industries with innovative, cutting edge safety solutions. When NoTrax joined the Checkers family last year, it allowed us to expand outside the industrial space where we have traditionally operated, to serve a more diverse range of industries, including janitorial & sanitation, and hospitality, a far cry from the mining industry where Checkers was born.

Great content from our brand blogs

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind loyal readers of the Checkers Blog to check out the web sites and blogs for our brands, NoTraxTuffTrakMonster, and Linebacker. Since we now offer such a broad spectrum of safety solutions, each site and blog speaks to different industries and products. Mining news and updates will be found on the Monster site, while NoTrax will feature stories that relate more to janitorial & sanitation, as well as the other many industries where our mats for professional use are utilized.

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