CU terraplas2Our friends and neighbors at the University of Colorado-Boulder are one of the first owners of the new Terraplas turf protection systems. This latest iteration of the system does not feature the traditional stripe pattern and is currently owned by a select few stadiums, including Levi’s Stadium, Soldier Field, and Lincoln Financial Field. Hundreds of colleges have indoor practice facilities, however, which  is an ideal use for our new Terraplas system. With the building  already in place, adding a Terraplas system can upgrade a simple practice facility to an elegant event house, increasing off-season revenue. With a diverse line of turf protection solutions, Terraplas is well known by stadium managers the world over. With both light-duty pedestrian flooring such as the Terratile or Terraflor, as well as heavy-duty options for vehicles such as the Terratrak or the Terracover, no matter what event your stadium might be hosting, we will have the event flooring solution you need. The translucent design of Terraplas products ensures that grass is able to continue to grow, and doesn’t yellow or die during longer events. Featuring a modular design with lateral locking cams, this system is quick to install and remove. Many stadiums across the country and the world already own or rent a system, a testament to the quality of the product. So next time you find yourself attending a college graduation ceremony, take a look at the flooring. There is a good chance you’ll see our signature translucent, HDPE design.

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