Monster cyclone whip

While our standard All-Purpose Whips are not lacking for brightness, sometimes a little extra visibility can go a long way. That’s where our Cyclone Whip comes in. This unique whip is made from the same high strength resin as our standard whips, but features an LED strip that is wrapped around the pole and covered with clear heat shrink to prevent water damage to the LEDs. A typical whip only features a light at the top, but the Cyclone’s additional LEDs light it up with a brilliance that makes it impossible to miss. When night falls, the Cyclone is transformed from a highly visible rod to a thick beam of light, as demonstrated by the photo on the right. In early tests we actually had tone down the brightness of the LEDs, as the light was blinding drivers who looked in the rear-view mirror, speaking to the extreme visibility of this whip. Several LED colors are available of course; white, amber, and blue LEDs are all available to light up your job site. To view the specs for the Cyclone Whip, click here

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