Terraplas is the best turf protection matTerraplas turf protection systems were recently featured in the April issue of SportsTurf Magazine, the leading publication in supplying content to groundskeepers, athletic field managers, parks and recreation personnel and more. The article focuses on a study conducted by the University of Connecticut to scientifically determine the most effective turf protection solutions. The products that were evaluated included: Generic plywood measuring .75″ in thickness (2 layers), Enkamat Plus and Plywood (2 layers), Enkamat Flatback and Plywood (2 layers), Supa-Trac, and TerraTrak Plus. Each turf protection solution was evaluated over the course of 3, 6, and 9 days, and traffic was simulated with a 20,000 lbs. loaded dump truck. While the study breaks down the numerical data in a very scientific manner, the photo on the left says it all. Only Terraplas products will keep grass alive and green. The translucent construction of the HDPE gives Terraplas an advantage over all competitors, as it allows photosynthesis to continue while the tile is in place. Plywood can never hope to achieve similar results; it simply cannot keep turf as healthy as Terraplas. While the study notes that the plywood did allow for slightly better load dispersion, it’s flimsy composition left splinters all over the turf. The durable HDPE of Terraplas ensures that clean-up will not be necessary after events. We’ve always asserted the superiority of Terraplas to plywood, but now we have science on our side. For superior turf protection, Terraplas is the only solution.

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