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Last year, Superior Manufacturing Group and AlturnaMATS joined the Checkers family. SMG is recognized throughout the industry as the manufacturer of NoTrax®, the premier professional matting solution. AlturnaMATS® is an industry leader in the ground protection arena, manufacturing the AlturnaMAT® and the VersaMAT®, two products known for their quality and durability. By bringing these industry leaders into the Checkers family, we here at Checkers can ensure you that whether you need mats to protect the floors of your business, or the turf of a client, we have you covered.

– The entrance to your business can create a lasting first impression; do you want that to be a soggy door mat surrounded by slippery floors and yellow cautions signs? Our Uptown and Boulevard mats are two unique products designed to work in tandem to give your business a professional look without sacrificing the high-performance water retention and scraping properties our mats are known for. Boulevard is designed with a high-low wave pattern for maximum scraping efficiency, while Uptown completes the process by drying shoes and retaining the moisture and debris.

Rubber Brush – These mats are constructed with tough SBR rubber, giving them the ability to remain supple in extremely cold conditions. Thousands of rugged, flexible rubber fingers sweep shoes clean, while the suction cups on the underside of the mat minimize shifting. A molded beveled edge around the perimeter of the Rubber Brush mat traps moisture, preventing it from leaking out the sides. This mat is a perfect year round solution to keep dirt and debris where it belongs: outside.

Ground Protection

– When traction is a necessity, look no further than AlturnaMATS. These rugged ground protectors are made of 1/2″ thick polyethylene and offer far more durability than plywood. Bold cleat traction patterns keep vehicles moving even in thick mud or snow. With a load capacity of 120-tons, heavy vehicle traffic is no problem for an AlturnaMAT. You’ll simply never get stuck again. If sensitive turf is an issue, AlturnaMATS are great for keeping looking fresh and soft.

If portability is key, try TRAKMAT. Offering a lighter alternative to the AlturnaMAT, the TRAKMAT features the same rugged traction and flexibility, but weighs in nearly ten pounds lighter. Built in handholds combined with its light weight make it easy to transport and deploy, and individual sheets can be connected to form a continuous roadway, walkway, or work platform.

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