The Firefly is the only lighted cable protector on the market.It’s summer time and that means concerts and music festivals are in full swing. In the entertainment industry, cable protection is paramount; particularly for temporary venues that don’t have permanent cable and cable protection installations in place. The Firefly is our custom-made cable protection solution for the entertainment industry. The Firefly has many great features, but the most striking are the illuminated ramps.

Firefly: the Only Lighted Cable Protector

Why is this important? In darkened areas, cable protectors can be difficult to see. Ironically, this can cause trip hazards, the very problem cable protectors are designed to eliminate. Our ultra-bright LEDs are molded directly into the ramps of the Firefly, which protects them from any sort of damage. They are incredibly efficient and can run for 500 hours off of just two AA batteries. In the entertainment business, presentation is everything, which is why our LEDs are available in either blue or red, allowing venue managers to select the color that best matches their aesthetic. Additionally, we offer four different lid colors: green, blue, yellow, and orange.

Guard Dog and Yellow Jacket Compatibility

Another exciting benefit of the Firefly is the Dog Bone Connector. These are the same modular connectors that we use on our Guard Dog and Yellow Jacket cable protectors. This, of course, means that Firefly Illuminated Cable Protectors can be integrated into any existing Guard Dog or Yellow Jacket cable protector system. This gives venue managers the ability to highlight certain cable run sections, such as designated walkways or sections that pass through dark areas.

Premium Cable Protection with Firefly

In addition to preventing slips, trips, and falls, the Firefly performs another key function: protecting cables. With a load capacity of 21,000 lbs. per axle, the Firefly can easily handle both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This ensures that cables will remain protected during the setup, the performance, and the tear down of any event. At a mere 17 lbs., the Firefly can be transported and assembled easily, making setup and tear down quicker and more efficient. With its modular design, it’s easy to configure a Firefly cable run to any area. It is a must-have cable protection solution for any entertainment venue.

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