This wheel chock instructional video is the first of many instructional videos from the long awaited Checkers University Educational Series.

The informative how-to video is focused on; demonstrating proper chocking techniques, in-depth explanation of the wheel chock reference guide, and why safety is an investment, not a cost.

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Watch our Wheel Chock Instructional Video!

Educating employees on the correct ways to chock any vehicle will save your company millions in litigation of both nonfatal and fatal cases. “There is no monetary value to put on a life”, exclaims Ray Torres, President and, CEO of Checkers Industrial Safety Products. Not only will the lives of your employees be better protected, but so will the equipment they use. Jesica Bailey, Product Manager for Checkers, says “Dedicated to saving lives and protecting assets, is our company motto and the reason why we strive to provide the highest quality product at the best possible price”. These videos were produced to help educate the wide variety of Checkers clients they serve.

About Checkers Industrial Safety Products, LLC

Began in 1987 with a simple vision: to be a dynamic and growing organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting assets by delivering innovative safety products. That vision still drives Checkers today. Product offerings include cable and hose protection systems, wheel chocks, warning whips, warning lights and more.