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Checkers Safety™ manufactures the world’s most extensive and versatile lines of cable protection products for the entertainment industry. In fact, our cable protection line-up includes the five most popular brands in the world. These products are designed to create a safe environment at entertainment venues where high volumes of pedestrian and vehicle traffic are present. All Checkers Safety products are built from high-quality lightweight materials that allow for quick setup, disassembly, transport and storage.


Outdoor events require a good deal of thought, planning, personnel and equipment that needs to be in place in order to get everything right. Whether it is a tent wedding on a golf course, a campaign rally in a parking lot or a large outdoor concert in a grassy field, there is a real need for temporary solutions with respect to power, water, sanitation, structures, security, and safety. Having the proper equipment and the right logistics is at the heart of any successful event.

Outdoor Event Planning & Equipment Checklist

When a party or event organizer is contacted by a client wanting a special event to take place, one of the first things they will want to do is make a list of what’s needed to pull it off successfully. The following list is a non-comprehensive event planning guide checklist for what an event organizer might need for putting on an outdoor concert or festival. This list is only provided to illustrate the point that there are a large number of logistics that need to be addressed.

  • Ticket and will call booths
  • Security fencing and safety barriers
  • Rope lines for crowd control
  • Entry gates with security check points
  • First aid tents
  • Security offices
  • Lost and found booths
  • Food and drink vendor stations
  • Other tents and temporary shelters
  • Fire safety equipment
  • Trash bins and collection
  • Port-a-potties
  • ADA compliant solutions
  • Ground protection
  • Back stage trailers and amenities
  • VIP seating and amenities
  • Stages and rigging
  • Temporary power and generators
  • Speakers and wiring
  • Temporary lighting
  • Cables and cable covers
  • Warning lights
  • Vehicle safety equipment

Protect Cables & Avoid Tripping Hazards

Whatever your outdoor event may be, chances are you are going to want to have music and/or video to entertain your guest, which could mean sound mixers, turntables, a temporary sound booth and speaker systems.

It goes without saying that you will want to take some steps to make sure all your electric equipment is well-protected, and more importantly, set up in such a way to avoid injuries to the equipment operators and your guests.

Injuries can come in many forms, but among the most common are injuries caused by tripping over exposed cables.

Checkers Safety provides a wide variety of cable protectors, including the 5-Channel Heavy-Duty Yellow Jacket®. Made from durable polyurethane, it features heavy-duty, patented Dog Bone connectors for easy attaching as well as additional protectors that extend to any desired length.

The low-profile protectors fit multiple cable sizes and are compact for easy setup, disassembly and storage. That makes them ideal for use at outdoor entertainment events like ones you might be planning (or paying someone else to plan.

Ground Protection Systems for High Traffic Areas

Beyond simply protecting the cables for your sound and video systems, most outdoor events will require temporary multi-functional ground protection systems in place to protect grass areas for vehicle parking or high foot traffic.

The Checkers Safety VersaMAT® Ground Protection Mat can be used to protect staging areas, supplies, and equipment, or areas of ground where you expect to have large crowds passing over. 

It can be easily deployed and broken-down by hand and is excellent for sloping or unstable ground conditions you may encounter at your outdoor event site. The VersaMAT® is manufactured from 100 percent recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), making it durable and resistant to all weather conditions.

Vehicle Safety Tools for Setting Up and Breaking Down Events

For your outdoor event, communication needs to run in an organized and safe manner. This is particularly important during both set-up and breakdown phases when the pace gets faster and there is more danger for workers and guests.

You will want to have warning lights, reflective tape for parking areas and lit signage to guide vehicles and event attendees in and out during the event venue set up and break down.

Consider obtaining wheel chocks, which are sturdy wedges placed against vehicles, such as arriving or departing equipment trucks, to prevent accidental movement, and/or other vehicle safety equipment that may be useful to protect people from injury.

Safety Equipment Needed for Event Planning Businesses

If you are not the event planner, but you own an event center or are otherwise in charge of figuring out how to organize a festival event or other outdoor event, you have more to think about.

There will be a greater need to focus on having equipment on hand and solutions in mind to prevent and fix problems that may arise. Unforeseen problems during pre-setup, the day of and post-event are unavoidable realities.

If you should get sued by someone who attends a concert where you were responsible for the equipment layout and protection, the profit you should be making by handling event planning needs may significantly decrease. To avoid this and other issues, be prepared with the right safety equipment.

Some additional items needed in general for owners and workers in the event planning business are a pre-created emergency response plan for contingency, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, evacuation procedures and emergency signage that is easy to post in high traffic areas.

Don’t forget to have ready manned first-aid stations, backup generators, forklifts, and trained employees to work them safely, liquor handling management plans including plans for dealing with over-served guests and drivers, all the necessary permits, and general protection gear for workers such as gloves, aprons, earplugs, closed-toe shoes and waterproof jackets.

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