Party Tent Event Flooring & Power Needs

When Will You Need a Tent For Your Next Event?

There are many types of outdoor events that call for party tents. A few examples that typically require tents include engagement parties,  weddings and wedding receptions, milestone birthday parties, graduation soirees, warm-weather holiday parties, and car shows. 

Having a tent can save you and your guests from the rain and give you shade from the bright sun. Create a space and protect your food from outdoor temperatures and pesky flies. One other good reason to put up a tent is simply for an enhanced atmosphere and mood. Tents inject a bit of the indoors into the outdoors and make everything a bit cozier, not to mention making the sound quality of conversations and music enhanced. 

Temporary Outdoor Flooring Over Grass 

If you put up a party tent for your outdoor event, you are essentially delineating a specific area for the event or at least a focal point. It’s where your event attendees will spend most of their time and where tables and chairs are typically set up. 

People sitting, standing, and walking over the same area calls for some sort of temporary outdoor flooring over the grass to protect the ground from being trampled too much and also provide a better more stable floor than grass, especially if the ground is wet from rain or dew.

Modular Tent Flooring Tile Systems

Once you’ve established you want temporary outdoor flooring to go with your tent event, modular tent flooring or plastic tent flooring can create the ideal size “floor” for your needs.  

If you manage to find the right one, it should provide a safe, secure space to sit and walk on, and ideally will be portable flooring you can transport, set up, and store easily.

Event Floor Coverings for Wires, Cords & Cables

When deciding on wedding tent flooring or tent flooring for other events, it’s important to think about how your audio-visual setups are going to be placed within the space. You want to make sure all exposed cables that must be placed on or near walkways are covered properly to avoid becoming a tripping hazard, as well as to protect your cables. 

The LibertyMat™/EuroMat® from Checkers Safety is a ground protection mat designed as an ideal solution that essentially creates temporary walkways that can be used for pedestrian wedding tent party guest access and walking space for any tented event.

Equipment for a Tent Business Plan

Don’t just think about the basics when you go about obtaining proper event floor covering or wedding tent flooring if there’s a happy couple involved. Tents with modular flooring will make your event far more comfortable and safe, and if you have durable cable covers in place you will not need to worry about cable protection.

Make sure to think about the peripheral products when planning your party tent “business plan.”  You will need to have other items on hand beyond just a “tent with floor.” 

Here are a few pieces of equipment you will probably need in some combination for a successful wedding tent setups or other outdoor party tent event:

  • Tent Stakes
  • Mallets 
  • Cords 
  • Weights 
  • Safety Markers
  • Reflective Tags 
  • Storage carts 
  • Tarps
  • Cable protectors
  • Modular flooring
  • Sand
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Decorations
  • Display Easels for Photos
  • Monitors for Videos
  • Sound Systems
  • Banners
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