Vehicle Motion Safety Products for Parking Lots and Job Sites

Vehicle and Motion Safety equipment from Checkers provides a variety of safety solutions for all motion-related activities. For job sites that involve pedestrian or vehicular activity, vehicle and motion safety equipment will protect personnel and property from harm.

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  • Parking Stops

    Available in multiple high-visibility colors, our parking stops give a new level of security and safety to pedestrians and vehicles while parking. Made from either recycled plastic or recycled rubber, this product line is durable enough to remain outside in any weather conditions.
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  • Speed Bumps

    Checkers™ high-quality speed bumps and humps alert drivers to potentially hazardous driveways and parking areas or guide drivers to a safe and controlled speed. The premium rubber construction outlasts concrete counterparts, and they are available in either high-quality rubber or durable recycled plastic.
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  • Vehicle Identification

    Checkers™ vehicle identification signs provide fast and easy identification of any type of equipment in heavy-duty working environments. Built with high output LED lights, these lights provide superior visibility during the day or night.
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  • Parts & Accessories for Vehicle and Motion Safety

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