Wheel Chocks For Trucks and Utility Vehicles

Checkers’™ wheel chocks comply with the safety requirements of a variety of industries and ensure a safe working environment while your vehicles are at rest. Offered in a variety of styles, our wheel chocks provide a safe chocking solution for any type of vehicle.

Checkers’™ wheel chocks were engineered in collaboration with safety experts to work with a wide range of ground equipment, commercial, and military vehicles. Whether you are chocking a fully-loaded 400-ton haul truck or a utility trailer, we have the wheel chocks you need to safely secure your vehicle and meet compliance standards.

Our chocks have been field-tested by expert Checkers™ team members under various conditions to prove our products prevent non-motorized, uncontrolled movement of on and off-road vehicles. Checkers™ has also worked with a third-party laboratory to certify that each model meets the specifications indicated on the Checkers™ Wheel Chock Reference Guide. Specific models of our Checkers™ wheel chocks meet specifications required by MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency), and the DOT (Department of Transportation).

  • Heavy-Duty Wheel Chocks

    Manufactured with highly durable, lightweight polyurethane construction, the Checkers’™ MC series is ideal for use with heavy equipment such as haul trucks, loaders, and cranes. The #1 selling wheel chocks in the mining industry; meets MSHA specifications.
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  • All-Terrain Wheel Chocks

    Checkers’™ heavy-duty AT series wheel chocks are made with durable, lightweight polyurethane and are ideal for underground mining equipment, firefighting vehicles, and other large utility vehicles. This series is oil, fuel and solvent resistant and is lightweight enough for easy transport.
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  • Urethane General-Purpose Wheel Chocks

    Made from lightweight, highly durable urethane, the Urethane General Purpose Wheel Chocks from Checkers Safety™ are high-quality and built for longevity. Our UC series is also 3rd party tested, certified and trusted by fleets globally.
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  • Rubber General-Purpose Wheel Chocks

    The RC series of wheel chocks is designed to be economical and durable in a variety of applications including industrial, construction, utility and other commercial industries, as well as recreational applications.
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  • Urethane Aviation Wheel Chocks

    The Urethane Aviation Wheel Chocks are ideal for a range of aircrafts, from small to large and everything in between. They are impact-absorbing and are resistant to weather and abrasion and will not rot, splinter or crack like wood.
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  • Rubber Aviation Wheel Chocks

    The Rubber Aviation Wheel Chocks feature the same triangular design that is standard throughout the aviation industry and are available as single rubber aviation chocks or as a roped pair. The horizontal traction ribs protect the tire and pavement from damage.
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  • Parts & Accessories for Wheel Chocks

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